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High-performance bulk email program used to send personalized email messages to a large customer
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24 February 2013

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A majority of businesses these days are going online, and emails are becoming a powerful marketing tool in this changing environ. This shift requires the entrepreneurs to stay in touch with their huge clientele through emails. If you have business boasting a sizeable client-base, then it’s impossible for you to contact each and every customer personally. In this case, a software application that can send emails in bulk is what you need. One such application that can ease your work is Mass Mailer for Mac 3.6 software. It is a high performance bulk email program which is designed for Apple Macintosh computer for sending email messages. The software creates and maintains a mailing list for sending messages directly to your customers and service providers. The software employs your Apple mail message delivery outline to send your messages.

The Mass Mailer for Mac 3.6 opens with a white and gray color interface with multiple options smartly placed on its interface. This software allows you to import and export email contacts and other related recipient data from almost any files. The software can also add as many recipient fields as you want and that can be further used in sending message. Each recipient will receive individual message as if they were sent personally. Every message can have different colorful text with different fonts, pictures and attachments. This software does not deal with the any log files which are typically not understood by an average user. The software can also add the contacts in separate groups and that can further be enabled or disabled with just a mouse click.

The Mass Mailer is a handy utility that can be used be used by the professionals looking for a bulk mailer tool for their Mac systems. Its user friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy to operate for both novice as well as professional users. The efficacious feature-set, coupled with easy operability, makes it deserve a score of 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

Mass Mailer for Mac is a high-performance bulk email program specially designed for Apple Macintosh computer used to send personalized email messages using message templates to a large customer base from a single Mac. Its purpose is to deliver all your email messages to the vast majority of your customers in a very efficient manner. To achieve this Mass Mailer for Mac uses Apple Mail as a delivering agent what makes your messages look like they were sent directly from Apple Mail. This eliminates the errors many mass mailers create in message headers causing spam filters to retain such messages. The Import and Export features of Mass Mailer for Mac are so powerful that you can share your customer database with virtually any other programs such as Microsoft Office, Apple Works and database management systems such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Mass Mailer for Mac is also capable to handle website mailing list subscriptions and easily eliminates duplicates that may potentially appear when a customer tries to subscribe to your lists several times. Another great feature is support of multiple recipient groups in a single mailing list. It gives you an ability to group different types of contacts in separate groups and enable or disable them all when necessary with only one click of the mouse. You can maintain millions of recipients in thousands of separate mailing list files. Each mailing list may contain as many email messages as you want that can be enabled and disabled when it is necessary.
Mass Mailer
Mass Mailer
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